About the Practice

At the private practice, Dr. Robokos provides psychotherapy and neuropsychological and educational testing, as well as consultations to families, educators, and schools. Therapy is provided individually for children/adolescents/young adults and their families and Dr. Robokos adopts an eclectic approach that incorporates evidence-based techniques of Cognitive-Behavior Therapy, insight-oriented and solution-focused therapy, as well play therapy (for younger children). Group therapy is also an offering at the private practice and that focuses on interventions for children and teens who benefit from being with peers and practicing many of the skills they learn in individual work while also benefitting from the supportive presence of other like-minded peers.

Neuropsychological and educational testing is a specialized evaluation to determine if an individual has a learning disability, attention disorder, or other subtle cognitive or learning issue that may impact personal behavior and well-being or academic performance. Through careful, comprehensive testing conducted in a sensitive manner, Dr. Robokos can provide a thorough profile of cognitive strengths and difficulties, as well as recommendations about how to best help. Dr. Robokos also specializes in determining whether academic difficulties are related to cognitive versus emotional difficulties, or some combination of the two. For more information, please see the Neuropsychological and Educational Testing page.

Dr. Robokos provides services on a private pay basis. Please note that many people have insurance plans that may reimburse them directly for a portion of the cost if they work in an out-of-network basis. As well, individuals and families can use Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) to cover health care expenses. Dr. Robokos can provide you with an itemized statement to submit to your insurance company or FSA coordinator so that they can reimburse you directly for services.

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About the Practice’s Philosophy

Dr. Robokos’ private practice began in 2008 as a setting in which to offer continuing support and services to treat children and families and offer supportive guidance, advocacy, and solutions to improve well-being and health. Families include adoptive and other non-biological families, divorced and remarried families, single-parent families, two-parent families, and extended families. People, problems, and solutions are viewed sensitively with open-mindedness within the context of many factors: family, friendship, work and school, gender, race and ethnicity, biology and genetics, sexual orientation, gender identity, and religious or spiritual identification.


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