Often parents request one or more consultations with Dr. Robokos to answer specific questions about the child’s development, course of therapies/treatment, or plans for future educational changes to name a few topics. Consultations are also requested when parents want assistance with navigating the special education process for their child and when seeking a second opinion about a child’s diagnosis or to discuss the meaning and prognosis of a recent diagnosis. In this meeting, Dr. Robokos will meet with the parent(s)/guardian (s) to obtain the child’s developmental, medical, educational, and psychosocial history while reviewing any or all past evaluations and educational/medical reports to provide answers to your questions. Recommendations regarding further treatment options (i.e., educational or therapeutic) or considerations for other types of evaluations will be provided while offering referral sources that are appropriate for the child’s needs. Ongoing consultations are offered as needed at any point through the child’s development and education; parents request periodic consultation meetings as the children grow or enter critical transitions (i.e., entry to Kindergarten, middle school or high school, changes in home life or relocation, shifts in growth and development that raise questions about next steps). Dr. Robokos provides consultations internationally with families in Europe, Asia, and Africa to assist with educational planning, therapeutic interventions and evaluation processes.