About Benjamin Avshalomov, M.A., LPMHC

Benjamin Avshalomov, is a Mental Health Counselor practicing with a limited permit while pursuing a doctorate in school-clinical child psychology at the Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology. He received his Bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor in early childhood education from Touro College and recently completed his Masters degree in Mental Health Counseling at Yeshiva University.

Benjamin exhibits immense drive and passion when it comes to the well-being of his community. He has worked as an EMT across the five boroughs and Long Island and as a medical assistant for over 6 years for a private ENT office teaching patients how to manage their symptoms. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Benjamin worked as a medical assistant and first responder on a Covid relief van that traveled throughout low-income neighborhoods in the Bronx to deliver testing and reliable information to those in need.

The relationship between behavior, cognition, and emotion has always been the center of Benjamin's passion. He is an advocate for children and adolescents with learning disorders and strives to fulfill their needs. He has volunteered in local hospitals, teaching basic writing and reading skills to children with autism. Through his internships, Benjamin has worked directly with neurodivergent young adults and became familiar with many services and community resources in the New York area. He understands the importance of connecting individuals’ therapeutic goals within the structure and context of one’s community and beyond.

Benjamin has a strong background in research. As part of the Child Protection Lab at Columbia University’s Teachers College, Benjamin investigates the psychological impact of randomized community violence on women and children. Benjamin is also researching the effects of learning through music and gardening on executive functioning abilities in children with ADHD at Ferkauf. Benjamin is passionate about learning and understands that participating in research projects is critical to staying up to date with modern clinical approaches and their implications. He is trained in the foundations of critical therapeutic techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Gestalt Therapy, and Psychoanalysis.

Benjamin believes that supportive environments, individualized attention, and unconditional positive regard are central pillars of the therapeutic process. He is thorough, thoughtful, and sensitive to each unique developmental challenge. Benjamin is enthusiastic about helping children, adolescents, families, and all people in his community.