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Year Into What Was Unexpected

Year Into What Was Unexpected Year Into What Was Unexpected

A year ago this time the office doors closed suddenly to seeing patients and families in person. The loom and gloom of this impending virus was felt strongly for 2 weeks prior to March 14, 2020. Trusted colleagues and patients and our practice were becoming increasingly concerned about being in a work space together in close proximity. It was a sense of unabating and rapidly increasing worry that things were not safe and out of control.

Quick adjustments and flexibility along with the technology to meet at a distance began exactly a year ago. One year marks this time in our hearts and it has been a telling time for us all. We mark it with honoring loved ones who were lost, loved ones still struggling, and the wish and hope for advancements forward.

Working closely with children and youth makes this time of the year into COVID-19 more poignantly defined as they recall moments, transitions, and memories vividly. Children’s worries and thoughts can be more pronounced at this time with the recollection of the challenges this pandemic has posed. Their resilience is voluminous too and they acknowledge the healing that comes with the passage of time. It has always been a gift to work with children and youth and this year, in particular, will be unforgettable.

Helpful resources for helping children and youth during this time are as follows:

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